SMS – getting gyms and sports clubs fit for summer

It’s summer time, and that means it’s time for garden parties, barbeques and ill-considered adverts about getting a bikini body. If you’re looking to get more members for your gym or sports club, there’s a much easier way than risking the controversy faced by Protein World earlier this year – SMS.

You might not have considered a text marketing campaign before, but the results speak for themselves – one of our customers, Fitspace, signed up 55 new gym members over the course of a weekend, all from one SMS send. One of these members joined within 5 minutes of the message being sent!

It’s not just acquisition strategies that benefit through SMS campaigns. Slimming World increased membership numbers by targeting lapsed customers with their sends – previous or lapsed customers are ideal to target with a campaign, as you know they have already been interested in your business, so the chances are they will be again.

Sports teams at all levels have found that texts about training times or physio schedules have really helped to boost attendance and punctuality rates among their players – whether they’re a local 5 a side team or in the premier league. The most successful aren’t just sending to their players either, they’re boosting ticket sales and fan engagement with regular messages to the fan community.

A healthy community needs motivation to keep them active and engaging with your business, so why not follow the lead of these successful companies and try out SMS today?

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