Businesses should target every device and channel, not just one

Businesses need to target their audiences on all devices and channels if they’re to stick in the memory and remain successful.

This is the opinion of blogger and marketer Tomas Puig, who told that customer retention should be top of the priority lists for businesses of all shapes and sizes, as it’s “five times cheaper to keep clients than to get new ones.”

One such way of achieving this, he said, is to be there for customers, on every device and channel.

Noting that customers are not static, Puig reminded marketers that today’s consumers use a variety of different devices, connections and apps, often over the course of just a single day. As such, it’s imperative that marketers not only know who their customers are, but also what devices they use and which channels will be the most effective.

Despite this, Puig warned about blasting out the same content to consumers across all channels. This will look repetitive to those who are subscribed across multiple channels and could even drive up unsubscribes. Instead, he urged businesses to use each method to the best of its ability, picking and choosing between them to maximise results.

“A multichannel marketing strategy doesn’t mean marketers should send the same message, to all customers, across every marketing channel at the same time,” he explained.

“Each channel has a different purpose for each client. For example, an email can promote products and discount codes. Social ads might further promote items if the email wasn’t opened. SMS could be for informing customers of their order status.”

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