How to achieve your campaign objectives without breaking your budget

Every company and every campaign is different, with a huge range of objectives that could be achieved. The best objectives are always highly specific, following the classic ‘SMART’ framework that have been helping marketers realise success for years – Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. The key challenges don’t come from setting objectives however, but in achieving them – and this is where channel selection becomes imperative.

Text message marketing has received a bad rep over the years, thanks to the work of spammers trying to identify active numbers for PPI and personal injury claims or debt consolidation agencies, but when used correctly can be one of the most cost effective channels available to marketers today.

But what goals can mobile messaging help you achieve?

Traffic building goals

It’s easy to insert a link into your texts to direct recipients to a website. With the enormous growth of mobile web, customers are more inclined than ever to click the link – and even if they’ve got no mobile internet at the time, the text stays there on their phone ready to remind them when they do. Even better, links in texts are fully trackable, meaning you can see instantly which of your customers were interested in your message.

Interaction goals

Content has been one of the biggest trends in marketing over the last few years, but it’s nothing without a solid promotion strategy. Whether it’s a blog post, a video or an infographic, mobile is a perfect platform, and SMS provides you with a way to not only deliver your content quickly, but also to ensure that your message will be opened. Social media interactions can see an increase too, as links to social profiles can be opened directly in the corresponding apps thanks to intelligent smartphone technology.

Awareness goals

Outdoor and print media can be great for raising awareness of your brand or product, but it’s notoriously difficult to measure the return from such advertisements. By adding an SMS short code and keyword (e.g. ‘Text HELLO to 60777’) into your design, you can turn a display ad into a direct response ad, allowing you to gauge the success of these channels as well as gathering important data of prospects to start along the customer journey.

Conversion goals

With 160 characters to play with, you’re encouraged to keep your messages short and to the point, perfect for strong calls to action for customers who just need that final push. Of course, with the advances in SMS technology you can use a lot more than 160 characters, but it’s this short, sharp approach which has made texting so successful, leading to the format being imitated by Twitter.

No matter what your campaign objectives are, it’s easy to weave mobile messaging into your communications mix at any stage of the customer journey to increase your chances of success. With prices at under 5p per message and open rates around 99.9%, SMS is an extremely cost-effective way of contacting your database, giving you great results on any budget.

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