Six bonus Messenger features that might surprise you…

Whether you’re a novice user or a seasoned pro, Messenger has a treasure trove of special features that might surprise you. It’s not that we’re trying to keep them hidden, but we spend so much time telling you about the big features it can be easy for these little gems to be overlooked.

It’s for that reason that we started compiling a list of these little extras, but the list quickly grew – so this is part one of our guide to some of those things you might have missed…


It’s great to be able to send to thousands of people at once, but sometimes you want to keep track of messages exchanged between you and a specific contact – this is where our Conversations tool comes in. Located in the ‘Send’ menu in the navigation bar, Conversations lets you view messages to and from a certain contact just like you can on your phone.

Email to SMS – in CRM

You might know that thanks to our handy API we can integrate with almost any software platform on the planet, but if you haven’t got a techie to hand, there’s an easy alternative – email to SMS. If you can send an email from your CRM system, you can send a text – just add “” to the end of any mobile number and send away.

Contact sharing

The Messenger app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, meaning you can manage your SMS sends from your phone, but you can also copy your phone contacts right into the platform if you want to. Ideal if your phone is full of important numbers you don’t have saved anywhere else!

Receive messages to your mobile

Here’s a handy mobile feature you don’t need the app for – if you have an inbox set up to receive messages from customers or prospects, you can have all the messages directed straight to your own phone. Great for low volume inboxes when you’ll need to respond wherever you are!

Free opt-outs

OK, this is quite an obvious one if you’ve been using the platform or reading any of our anti-spam messages, but it’s always worth mentioning again just in case! Messenger allows you to offer your recipients an opt-out path for FREE, meaning it’s easy for you to stay compliant and keep your contacts happy. What’s more, if someone does opt-out we’ll move the number from your contact group and into a separate ‘opt-out group’, so you don’t accidentally message them and can update your database.

Invalid numbers

Sometimes your data won’t be perfect – perhaps a there was a typo or the number was handwritten and hard to read. Whatever the reason, we’ll tell you straight away when you’re tried to send to an invalid number in your reports section, so you can take the number out of your database straight away. Handy!

That’s probably enough to be going on with, so I’ll leave it there for now – keep your eyes peeled for part two, with even more secret surprises!

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