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7 smart reasons why you can’t afford to ignore text marketing

Today, texting is everywhere and everything to consumers. According to Deloitte, over 140 billion text messages were estimated to be sent last year in the UK alone.

Despite the great British love of texting, marketing professionals and small businesses still use email as their preferred communication choice to get their brands out and drive sales in.

Even though text message marketing — which includes mobile coupons, special offers, and participation in loyalty programs — is redeemed eight or more times frequently than email, email marketing continues to dominate, congesting inboxes and being ignored by most recipients.

Of course, email marketing does have its benefits and each channel should be used appropriately to communicate with customers. In fact, when used in tandem with SMS, marketers can effectively reach their target audience, engaging with a robust, multi-channel communication stream. We’re all familiar with the pros of email but few marketers appear to really grasp the huge opportunity that exists with text marketing in enhancing the customer journey, multi-channel promotion, customer retention, cross-selling and increasing customer loyalty.

Here are seven reasons why you can’t afford to ignore today’s text marketing potential.

  1. Text messaging is affordable
    SMS Marketing is very affordable. We’re talking about pennies per message.
  2. High ROI
    Because of the low send cost, sheer speed and incredibly high open rates of nearly 100%, it’s not hard to see why text marketing out rivals other promotional channels in delivering outstanding ROI.
  3. Text messages arrive…instantly
    Forget email spam filters, postage and drawing visitors into your website. When you send a text message to your marketing list it arrives in seconds. While an email might sit in a customer’s inbox all day, a text is read within minutes, making it a great channel for flash sales and same-day promotions.
  4. Reach a highly engaged audience
    Consumers opt-in to mobile programs and make a careful decision on which text campaigns they choose. This differs from email campaigns, where consumers subscribe more generally for brands they may only be temporarily interested in.
    Because users limit themselves to brands they truly care about when opting into SMS promotions, brands are able to market more directly to a captive and loyal target audience. And if they ever want to stop receiving messages all they have to do is reply STOP and they’re automatically removed from your list.
  5. It’s not just 160 characters any more
    The days of squeezing your brand message into 160 characters are gone. You can now include up to 612 characters in your texts, and thanks to Textlocal’s attachments feature you can add in pictures, videos, mobile surveys, vouchers and any other number of rich media files for your customers – giving you the opportunity to build your brand right there on your customers’ handsets.
  6. Build your brand conversation
    While email communication is a one-way street, people can actually reply to an SMS promotion and engage with the brand through two-way SMS dialog by using a virtual mobile number.
    By opening the doors of conversation between brand and consumer, and creating customer engagement, marketers ultimately create a stronger relationship and build brand trust.
  7. Everyone has a phone and we love to text
    Nearly every Brit has a mobile phone. We sent over 140 billion text messages in 2014. If you aren’t sending text messages to your customers you better believe that your competitors are (or are planning to).

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