Why should you use a professional mobile messaging provider?

You’ve got to know by now that SMS is a big deal for businesses, but in case you don’t, here’s a quick recap: 99% open rate, 5 second delivery, low cost and exceptional response rate. With some of the results our clients have had, it’s difficult to understand why every business isn’t using it. But that’s not the problem here – SMS is at its best when you’re sending through a tier 1 messaging provider like Textlocal, rather than second rate options like SIM farms and grey routes and here’s why.

Option 1: SIM farms

SIM farms use unregistered SIM cards connected to computers rather than mobile phones. They typically use PAYG (Pay As You Go) SIM cards with unlimited SMS deals offered by the networks, and are commonly associated with SMS spammers, often sending messages about accident or PPI claims. The ICO has been cracking down on these SIM farms, with spammers being fined as much as £500,000 if convicted.

So why would you use them? Businesses are often attracted by the low costs companies using these farms can offer, although there is no way to predict when the messages will arrive and limited customer support.

Option 2: Grey routes

Grey routes offer another exceptionally cheap option for businesses, again fraught with difficulties. A ‘grey route’ is one where the text doesn’t just travel from the sending network to the receiving network – instead, it’s pinged from place to place, making it hard to track so connection costs are reduced. Like with a SIM farm, you’ve got no way of knowing when or even if your send messages will arrive, meaning that your offer could have expired or you could be waking your customers in the middle of the night. When you consider that it’s cheating networks out of connection fees, it’s hardly a surprise that the practice isn’t entirely legal.

Option 3: Tier One connections

Tier 1 messaging platforms like Textlocal have direct connections to the major mobile networks in their country, allowing for extremely fast, guaranteed delivery and superior service. Along with our direct connections to all UK mobile networks Textlocal are a Platinum UK operator partner for EE, Vodafone and O2. It’s not all about speed however – a professional platform will offer you higher levels of service, with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and other documentation to demonstrate their commitment.

Messenger also offers features you wouldn’t get with grey routes or SIM farms, and even some you won’t get with other professional platforms, such as Email to SMS gateways, unique sender names, attachments, mobile optimised surveys, tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards and more. To find out more about what Textlocal’s Messenger can offer you, click here.

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