API Integrations

Step up your software with mobile messaging API integrations

There are all kinds of software that have benefitted from an integration with our SMS platform. Bulk SMS services aren’t just for marketing – our clever cloud-based software can provide you with automatic notifications, appointment reminders and confirmations, and with an easy API integration you can cut the work time right down.

Enhance booking software

With a little set-up time, our API gateway can hook into almost any booking software in the world, streamlining the process and reducing missed appointments. Example uses include sending an immediate confirmation text, like the Massage Rooms did, resulting in 100% reduction in human error. Booking confirmations are especially popular, with salons and healthcare providers in particular noticing large reductions in missed appointments, by as much as 100% for salon Beautology. The value of these reductions are immeasurable, as not only do they remove the lost revenue from absentee bookings, but it allows for optimum staff and inventory management.

Reinforce communications platforms

There are very few communications platforms that couldn’t be improved with the addition of a text messaging element. The speed of delivery coupled with unparalleled open rates means that SMS is a perfect communication method for emergencies, and the visual nature of the message makes it ideal for the hearing or speech impaired. Our customer Time Is Ltd use our platform for an integration with their JayBee software, allowing users with a variety of disabilities and illnesses to communicate effectively with the outside world.

Boost CRM packages

Whether you’re sending messages to customers or to staff, Messenger integrates neatly into any CRM package, adding flexibility and versatility to your customer relationship management. Combined with the customer information held in your databases, you can create highly personalised and targeted messages with distinct calls to action, or notify a travelling member of your sales team that they have a client to call.

Add to your EPoS system

Mobile vouchers and loyalty cards are far more effective than paper or plastic cards – always at hand, harder to lose and not fighting for wallet space – so integrating them with your EPoS system just makes sense. Since their launch last year, our clients have sent over 350,000 vouchers to their customers with nothing but good reviews, meaning that when your EPoS system joins the mobile revolution, you’ll be in good company.

Our API gateways are simple for anyone with some coding knowledge, with our free codes available in every common programming language, including Python, C#, Java and PHP. To get started, just visit the developers section of our website, or contact our friendly tech team if you’d like some support.

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