Is your business ready for mobile?

At Ofcom’s last count, 61% of people in the UK have a smartphone, and 44% have tablets – it’s easy to see why there’s been such a fuss about mobile marketing. With so much to consider in the new mobile environment, it can be hard for a small business to prepare their new strategy. That’s why we’ve created this easy guide to getting your business mobile-ready.

Your website

For the first time, mobile devices are being used more than desktops and laptops to browse the internet. This makes it more important than ever that your website is ready for mobile, especially when you consider Google’s latest mobile-friendly algorithm update. You’ve got two options – a responsive website design that automatically optimises for its device, or a separate mobile-specific site. The option that’s right for you will depend on your business needs and budget, so it’s worth having a look. Want to see what your existing website looks like on a mobile? Type the url into Screenfly and take a look. For the businesses with smaller budgets, try our Mobile Web Page Creator.

Your content

Content marketing has been one of the other biggest trends in marketing recently, so you may already have a content strategy driving your web traffic and customer engagement. If so, you need to make sure you’re also producing content that works well on mobile. People don’t want lengthy, wordy blog posts when they’re scrolling on their phone, so make sure you keep it concise. Short, snappy headlines and images work well, as do shorter paragraphs. The key thing to remember is scanability.

Your emails

Along with browsing, email is one of the most common uses on a mobile device, so it’s important to make sure they display properly on a smartphone. Some of the easiest ways to optimise your email communications include; having large fonts, streamlined content, a straightforward, single column layout, and calls to action and buttons large enough to open with a tap of a finger. Most major email management services also offer responsive designs, so you can make sure that your emails are perfect for any device.

Your communications

Emails are being opened more and more often on mobiles, and browsing is common, but not everyone has good mobile data coverage in their area. When people have their mobiles on them 24/7, it’s a great opportunity to reach them if you find the right method. Mobile messaging via SMS has stood the test of time for a reason – it has near instant delivery and open rates than eclipse any other medium. In order to reach 1,000 people with your text, you’d need to send it to 1,001. Compare that to email’s open rates and you can see why mobile messaging is so good for getting your message across. Textlocal offer a comprehensive messaging platform that’s simple enough for beginners to use, but advanced enough so you can make some really powerful campaigns. Try it out with a free account now.

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