Texting still the most popular messaging option

Android users are most likely to use SMS when they want to send a message, according to a new survey.

Research by Android Central found that 33 per cent of device owners turn to SMS first when they want to write something to a contact. This comfortably beat the 22 per cent that used Google Hangouts, 20 per cent that preferred WhatsApp and 13 per cent choosing Facebook messenger.

In total, some 2,705 of the 8,194 respondents said that text messages would be their first port of call. Elsewhere, Snapchat accounted for just four per cent of the vote, while all others (which included Skype, Kik, Voxer and BlackBerry Messenger) combined to make up eight per cent.

Explaining why SMS had come top of the pile, androidcentral.com journalist Jerry Hildenbrand said: “This is no surprise, really, as SMS messaging is available on every phone, is easy to use, and it’s finally free on most cellular plans.”

One surprise to Hildenbrand was Facebook’s relatively low placing. He “totally expected” the channel to manage more than 13 per cent of the vote (fourth place) thanks to its active user base of 1.44 billion. However, it seems that even though Facebook is the preferred social network for many, its mass appeal hasn’t quite made the leap to the messaging world.

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