Integrating SMS and traditional marketing communications

Even in the midst of the digital revolution, traditional offline marketing communications still have a firm place in the marketing mix. No marketing channel is perfect – if it was, we’d all be using it and it would quickly stop being perfect – but it’s easy to offset the downsides of one channel by combining it with another.

Print and broadcast media are notoriously difficult to measure, but by including a mobile marketing element you can help to combat these measurement issues.

Including a keyword and short code or a QR code can help you to track interest in your campaign, as consumers can respond directly and immediately with their mobiles, giving you their contact details at the same time. 5 digit numbers and snappy keywords are far more memorable than long phone numbers or web addresses, and texting in is quick and easy for your customers as people typically have their phones on them 24/7!

Match the numbers of respondents up to your existing database to see if any of your existing customers are interested, or generate reports of the new mobile numbers for your sales team to contact and make some new customers.

If you want to integrate your marketing communications even further by adding email into the mix, you can ask people to text in with their email address and send an auto response email straight to their inbox rather than a standard SMS!

Set up an auto response message for when prospects text in and you can include a range of calls to action, including directing them to your website. It’s no effort for your customers, and you can choose to automatically receive an email when someone texts in – you can have one sent to your call centre too, so they can follow the lead up straight away!

There’s a whole host of ways that SMS can benefit your marketing efforts. For more help and advice, you can contact our friendly team on 01244 752 299, or sign up for your free account and experience the power of SMS for yourself.

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