Apple updates keyboard to delight of texters

Apple has finally given in to user demand by announcing a minor change to its smartphone keyboard that will benefit millions of SMS users.

In iOS 9, the latest version of its mobile operating system, the Californian tech giant has adjusted the on-screen keypad so that all letters appear in lower case unless the shift button is pressed, in which case the characters are capitalised.

Before now, the only way users could tell whether their text would come out in capitals or lower case was by noticing a change in colour of the shift key from black to grey, but this wasn’t always obvious at first glance.

The flaw often meant users had to delete their text and start again after noticing they had written in the wrong case. The regular frustration made it one of the most requested changes in recent years, although the pleas were ignored for iOS 7 and iOS 8.

The modification was first noticed by developers when the iOS 9 beta was released on Saturday (July 11). According to, the full version will be launched alongside the next iPhone in September.

Texters will also be glad to hear of improved dictation capabilities, allowing them to write messages by speaking instead of typing.

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