Relationship marketing for the mobile consumer

What are the elements that set you apart from your competitors? Brand image, pricing, added features or a sophisticated website only count for so much when your customer has absolutely no loyalty to you. Most successful businesses know this already, and have CRM and retention strategies in place, but these are often limited to email, website – or where contracts and tie-ins are concerned, call centre staff that are persistent to say the least.

In this increasingly multi-channel world, such a limited strategy could be preventing you from reaching some of your higher-potential customers in a way that is mutually convenient. When your customers are carrying their mobile phones with them 24/7, this channel has never been more important for developing your customer relationship marketing.

Mobile messaging allows for more personalised, one to one communications that allow you to gather deep, trackable insights into consumer preferences and behaviour. Whether it be through the distribution of a mobile-optimised survey that makes it easy for people to give feedback quickly and conveniently (thereby increasing response rates), or by tracking the links in mobile communications to see which messages create the greatest click through rate, there’s a wealth of opportunities to gather relevant data on your customers.

With Messenger you can then feed this data directly into your CRM system, allowing you to build up a bank of real time insights and actionable consumer knowledge. This can then inform your future communications across any of your chosen platforms, enhancing their value to the recipients and so increasing their effectiveness.

How can mobile help to deepen your customer relationships? By delivering timely and relevant communications informed by your data to consumers right where it’s most convenient for them. As the world and consumers become ever more mobile, it’s those companies who aren’t prepared and embracing this technology now who will suffer as they struggle to catch up. Don’t let your company be one of them – open your free Messenger account now.

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