Use SMS to gauge customer sentiment, expert urges

Text messages should be used by companies to ascertain just what their customers think of them, one expert has claimed.

Writing for, CRM specialist Simon Tooley explained how businesses need to use a number of channels if they’re to get an effective, rounded picture of their customers’ opinions. He argued that many companies only have a “rudimentary understanding” of customer sentiment, despite the number of analytical tools available at their disposal.

In response, Tooley urged companies to use a number of different channels to source sentiment and get a more accurate overall picture. For post-call surveys, for example, companies were urged to embrace “newer channels such as social media, SMS and web chat.” These not only offer the company immediacy – as people respond straight away – they can be sent out immediately after a call has taken place; capitalising on the window when responses are most likely.

Despite advising use of multiple marketing channels, Tooley urged businesses to get their systems and processes in order before doing so. Many companies, he warned, don’t do this and end up sending mixed messages that end up confusing customers – which then pervades back through the workforce.

“Exploring omnichannel is important but it must be seen as an opportunity to build trust and enhance the overall service instead of adding new layers of confusion and mixed messages,” he concluded.

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