Is your SMS marketing spam?

Despite all the guides and regulations surrounding SMS marketing it can be hard to know whether your campaign crosses the line into spam. We’ve created this checklist so that you can work out for yourself whether you’re marketing effectively or sending out spam.

1. How did you get the numbers?

Safe: The contacts gave them to you voluntarily, after being informed exactly what their details would be used for.
Spam: You’ve bought the numbers from a dodgy data company who can’t guarantee these people have opted-in to third party communications. You have no prior working relationship with them and they’ve never been customers of yours or enquired about your services.

2. Did they opt-in?

Safe: Your contacts knew that their details were going to be used for when they handed them over, or you gave them the chance to opt-in before you started messaging them.
Spam: They’ve never actively chosen to receive your messages, or messages from anyone else. Why would they, they don’t even know who you are?

3. Are you adding value?

Safe: You’re providing your contacts with the sort of information they expected when they signed up for your messages, and whether it be offer codes, updates or reminders, you’re providing your contacts with something they want and enjoy.
Spam: You’re trying to sell something completely unrelated to what your contacts signed up for, sending the same messages over and over again or sending at anti-social hours.

4. Are you giving them a chance to opt out?

Safe: You’ve regularly included an opt-out path in your messages, and when someone has requested to stop receiving messages you’ve stopped sending to them straight away (Messenger removes opted out contacts from your groups automatically to help keep you compliant).

Spam: You’ve never given them a chance to opt out, you’ve made it overly complicated or you’ve completely ignored them when they’ve asked you to stop.

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