Why isn’t your customer service team offering SMS support yet?

How do your customers access your customer support team? Call? Email? Social media? Why not SMS? 64% of customers would rather text than call for customer support, and 75% of customers would rather text than use social media.

Text is quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap – and it could save your company hours of call time every week. The range of activities that text can be used for is staggering – especially from a customer service perspective. Self-service transactions through SMS are an easy way for you to reduce time, money and stress in call centres with your customer service team, and for your customers to quickly solve a problem and move on with their day. Activities like changing appointments, finding stores or checking a balance become much quicker and easier to solve when you offer an SMS self-service solution.

How does it work?

We offer an API that can connect easily with your existing CRM software, meaning that it can be configured to recognise the number of a customer texting in and automatically retrieve their details to fit into your response messages. After just a little bit of set up time, you can set up a system to allow your customers to deal with basic transactions without lengthy conversations with your customer service staff.
When implementing your new system, don’t forget to give your customers the choice – restricting people only leads to frustration. And remember, no-one will use your service if you don’t tell them about it! On your website, in your emails, in your store, on social…wherever your customers will look!

So what next?

You can find our all our API documentation over on our developer pages here. As well as all the functionality you can plug in from Textlocal, our partner company IMI mobile offer an SMS chat service which offers the ability for your contact centre staff to engage in live text conversations with your customers. For more details on this, visit the IMI mobile website.

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