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As an innovative SMS software company, we’re always fascinated by new uses of SMS that people are coming up with. From text message controlled speakers to Christmas lights to toaster ovens, technology buffs are coming up with mind-blowing ideas every day, so we’ve collected some of our favourites to share with you here.

Central Heating

SMS Central Heating operate a service that allows you to control your central heating from anywhere, by simply sending a text message from your phone. Whether you’re staying late at the office and want to delay the boiler switch on or you’ve been hit by an unexpected cold snap when you’re out and about, this service lets you heat up your home exactly to your liking ready for your return.

Aga Cooker

If you’ve got a busy lifestyle and £10,000 to burn on a new oven, then this SMS operated AGA cooker could be for you. Get your roast started early if you’re the type who likes to plan ahead, or shut it off in a hurry if you’re stuck in traffic. Far beyond a simple ‘off’ and ‘on’ function, you can specify particular cooking styles, and even control it from the internet or an app if SMS wasn’t enough!


At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, LG unveiled their latest innovation – text message controlled speakers. As well as being able to stop, start and skip songs, you can text the speakers what sort of mood you’re in and they’ll pick a playlist for you accordingly.

Power Socket

Got an appliance that you want to control remotely but nobody’s come up with a techy solution for it yet? SMS controlled power sockets are the answer! Text to turn anything off or on, set timers for more regular control, and if your house suffers a power cut you’ll get a notification straight to your phone – ideal if you’re away and you need to send a friend around to empty your freezer!

Toaster Oven

This final example isn’t available for purchase but was created by a team of hackers for a competition – an SMS controlled toaster oven. If you’re interested in being able to cook your food even when you’re not in the house but can’t afford the £10,000k for the AGA, this guide even includes instructions on how to make it!

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