From garden parties to Glastonbury Mobile marketing for events on any scale

Glastonbury is upon us! If you are anything like the people in our office, you’re either bitterly jealous of those with tickets, wishing you were out there in the fields (but secretly quite glad you don’t have to brave the mud), or you couldn’t care less. Or you’re already there, in which case why are you reading this blog?

Over the weekend, the festival site will transform from an area of cow fields to a bustling arena with a population of around 180,000 people – enough to be considered a city. An event like this takes enormous skills of organisation, and over the years the Glastonbury team have got this down to an art. Selling tickets is no longer an issue for them, as people fight tooth and nail to be one of the lucky few, but what about smaller event organisers? What can they do to get their events reaching such lofty heights?

Increasing event bookings

First port of call is to go through your database of past customers – people you already know are interested in what you offer. Letters and emails are both good bets, but text messages offer greater open rates, instant delivery and minimal costs. The English National Opera made £8000 profit from a £500 send – that’s an ROI rate of 16:1.

Special offers

Special offers are a good way of shifting unsold inventory, and text messages are perfect if time is limited, with 97.5% of messages read within 5 seconds of receipt. The Royal Exchange theatre’s SMS campaign had greater response rates than any other medium they used, with anywhere between 8-20% of messages generating a response!

Attracting new customers

Whether you’re looking for new customers or gathering numbers from existing ones, a keyword on a shared short code is a great way to attract attention. Glastonbury goers can keep an eye out for Greenpeace’s campaign this weekend, which involves “Text REEF to 60777” – following the success of their keywords on previous years.

Staff management

It’s not just customers that need managing at events – smooth running requires your staff to know where they have to be and when they have to be there, which is where SMS reminders are perfect. Dean’s Court Events found that SMS reminders increased staff punctuality to 98% (well, no-one’s perfect!).

To find out more about how text messaging can help your events perform better, check out our case studies page or open a free trial account and try it out for yourself!

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