Easy ways to grow your opt-in list and gain more subscribers

We’re always telling you how you should be sending texts out to your customers, to people interested in your brand – but how do you find these people and get them to sign up? Without a list of opted-in phone numbers, your burgeoning SMS campaign is going nowhere, so here’s our top tips for growing a contact list that’s perfect for your business.

  1. Grow your list organically
    Basically this means letting your customers sign up to you – not buying a batch of data. It’s like buying Twitter followers – the numbers might look good, but these people might have absolutely no interest in what you’re selling, and there’s always a risk they’re not even real people. An organically grown list guarantees you a set of people who have already declared an interest in your business and products.
  2. Add to your existing data
    Already collected some data on your customers? Add to this by asking for their mobile numbers when you deal with them, or perhaps send out an email blast letting everyone know about your news SMS service. These customers have already proven interested enough to give you some of their details, so they are prime candidates for your SMS list. You can even hook Messenger up to your database software using our API.
  3. Put keywords and short codes on your advertising
    You put your contact details on all of your advertising, so why not put a short code and keyword on there too? It makes it easy for potential customers to register their interest straight away, and collects their phone numbers at the same time, making it easy for you or your sales team to follow up. Keywords can be whatever you like, check out our guide to picking a keyword here if you want some help.
  4. Incentivise your sign-ups
    People aren’t just going to hand over their details just because you ask nicely. Give people a reason to subscribe, such as exclusive offers on your products, early notice of sales, useful information – whatever fits for your business. For one-off offer coupons and redemption tracking, try using our Vouchers & Ticketing tools.
  5. Use every opportunity
    The more opportunities people have to sign up for your text messages, the more people are likely to sign up – it’s quite straightforward. Place signs by your tills, or reminders in your emails, or keywords and short codes in your letters – we’ve even got a Simple Form Creator tool in Messenger that will build a sign up form for your website without you needing to know how to code. There’s no excuse for an empty subscriber list with opportunities like this!

For more help and advice with your SMS marketing, take a look at our ‘How To’ Guides.

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