Apple looks to reinvent the text message

Apple has recently patented a technology that will enable people to have more control over when text messages are sent.

The new tech will allow users to schedule text messages according to the weather, time and location. This would allow iPhone users to decide the exact conditions under which their SMS should be sent, rather than having to send it straight away. For example, if someone’s planning a meet up with a work colleague or friend, but it’s currently raining, they can make it so their text message is not sent until the rain stops, reports

It is also possible to send a text message to someone only when they are in a certain location, such as a store – a functionality which could prove to be very useful for businesses. Alternatively, text messages could be scheduled to arrive as soon as someone wakes up. This will ensure the recipient definitely sees the message at the right time.

Whilst similar apps have offered the same sort of functionality in the past, Apple’s new tech appears to be more sophisticated. The patent explained one of the more complex features:

“As another example, the sender can provide a picture that is to be displayed, or reference pictures stored on receiving device 120 (e.g. by specifying pictures including the sender and the receiver). Sending such a complex reference does require the receiving device to know how to resolve the reference.”

Is it not known whether this new tech will feature in one of Apple’s future iPhones.

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