SMS API – Salon Precision Integrates with Textlocal

Professional salon and spa software company, Create Data Systems Limited have selected Textlocal API to integrate SMS capabilities into their cloud software, ‘Salon Precision’. Salon Precision is a salon management application providing the hair and beauty industry with all the power and functionality they need to run and market a successful salon.

It goes without saying that text messages have outstanding delivery and read rates, therefore text communications are considered essential within the hair and beauty marketplace, especially when rivalling the top industry competitors. To ensure the Salon Precision product contains full functionality for their hair and beauty clients, they have integrated their intuitive appointment system with Textlocal’s text messaging platform via our simple API gateway. The software allows hair and beauty clients to be booked in for appointments quickly and in as little clicks as possible, and with Textlocal’s SMS API integration, text reminders can be automatically set-up to alert clients a few days prior to their appointment.

E.g. “Appointment Reminder: From: Salon 1 – Chester On: 28/05/2015 At: 17:30:00 With: Jenny Tel: 01754 ******”

Auto-text services set up through our API gateway means huge amounts of money is saved as well as time and staff resources. Forget about sending appointment reminders and alerts to individual clients or customers. After all, time is money!

And Salon Precision hair and beauty clients are not the only ones to be benefitting from the Textlocal API integration. Our hair and beauty customers have reduced their number of no shows by up to 100%, our computer and technology companies have generated over £1000 in profit in a matter of 2 hours after their API SMS send and our entertainment and leisure companies have had a 100% reduction in human error. So yes. API integration is staggeringly effective.

Check out some of our customer case studies for success stories on appointment reminders.

Here at Textlocal we love a good API success story! Why not create your own? Whatever your business, you can reliably and securely send & receive texts by API integration with your existing applications. Our Platinum Partner Operator status means that our customers get the highest quality text service at the best price. Sign up for free here or contact us on 01244 752 299 to chat with our experts for advice.

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