Why aren’t you using mobile marketing yet?

We firmly believe that every company could benefit from incorporating SMS communications into their business or marketing strategies, but we still hear some non-believers. We’ve collected some of the objections we’ve heard here to show you that where text messaging is concerned, anyone can benefit.

“It doesn’t work”

Doesn’t it? Over 100,000 businesses at Textlocal alone would beg to differ. SMS has the highest open rates of any direct marketing medium, with 97.5% of messages opened within FIVE SECONDS of being received. Our campaigns have seen average ROI of 28%, with some companies receiving unbelievable results. We also offer a huge range of online guides and helpful tips, along with dedicated phone support, to really help your campaigns be the best they can be.

“There’s too many rules and regulations”

No more than any other direct marketing medium! In fact, as long as you’ve obtained the numbers legitimately, received permission from the user to message them and provide a way for users to opt out, you’re pretty much good to go! It’s common sense really – only send messages you think your customers will want to receive, don’t pester them, and respect if someone doesn’t want to hear from you any more. Easy.

“It’s just so spammy”

Ah, spammers. The enemy of any marketer. PPI claims and their like might have given SMS marketing a bad rep, but the FCC and Ofcom are cracking down on spam messages. At Textlocal, we’re dedicated to preventing spam, and monitor our user accounts carefully to make sure no-one is abusing our platform. Over 80% of people have said they would be happy to receive SMS communications from brands they are interested in, so you’re really missing an opportunity if you’re not doing it. Treat your customers with respect and you’ll avoid the spam tag! We’ve got a handy guide to avoiding spam if you want more info.

“It’s not very sexy”

OK, we get it – 160 characters of plain text don’t scream sex appeal. But that’s not all that texts are anymore. The ability to embed links into your messages means that you can do almost anything with your text messages now. Attach pictures, videos, websites, surveys, data capture forms, vouchers, loyalty cards, tickets… the list is practically endless. Unleash your creative side and the sky is your limit – and if you’re struggling for inspiration, check out our website our talk to our team. If you can’t make something sexy out of that, I’ll eat my hat*.

*metaphorically – I do not have a hat.

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