Swedish blood service using SMS to thank donors

In a bid to keep stocks up in the wake of a donation decline, Sweden’s blood service has started using text messages to let donors know when their sample has been used to save someone’s life.

Initial ‘thank you’ text messages are being sent directly after appointments, and then people are contacted by SMS every time their sample is used as a way of highlighting the importance of their donation. The policy has become very popular on social media and is driving donation rates back up, independent.co.uk reports.

The text message programme initially started in Stockholm three years ago, but is now being implemented across the country. Karolina Blom Wiberg, a communications manager at the Stockholm blood service, believes the texts give donors positive feedback on how they’ve helped others, which in turn encourages them to donate again.

“We are constantly trying to develop ways to express [donors’] importance. We want to give them feedback on their effort, and we find this is a good way to do that,” she said.

“It’s a great feeling to know you made such a big difference and maybe even saved someone else’s life.”

Blood donations in the UK have declined dramatically in recent years, with 40 per cent fewer donors than a decade ago, telegraph.co.uk notes.

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