USE technology to SELL technology this Father’s Day

If we are being completely honest, for most of us, our dads can become slightly overlooked when it comes to finding that special gift. Mostly because we just never know what they really want! However, the fact is that there is actually a wealth of great presents out there to help us express just how much our dads mean to us this Father’s Day. Forget boring old socks, dads love their gadgets and gizmos, making Father’s Day a prime sales opportunity for computer and technology companies across the UK.

As a consumer, daughter, son, we want gift ideas and inspiration without too much searching. Therefore it is down to computer and technology businesses to tell us exactly what gadgets are top of the range and what our Dads would love to get their hands on next. And the most efficient and cost-effective way to communicate this sits as a product in their very own store! The mobile phone! Consumers are primed to receive a promotional and inspiring text message with gift ideas this Father’s Day.

Practice what you preach!

Computer and technology companies should be practicing what they preach and using technology to sell technology! It makes perfect sense! In this ever evolving world of technology, mobile messaging is rapidly becoming more widely used on the global business stage. Keep tuned-in this Father’s Day to prime sales opportunities during this big spending period with a simple text message. After all 75% of people would prefer to receive adverts via SMS than by any other channel! It’s a fact!

From a 5p text message to a Smart Watch sale?

Push your products directly under your customers noses with text messaging and advertise exactly what dads want and need this Father’s Day, from a Smart Watch to a Magic Mouse to weather resistant Bluetooth speakers, whatever you like! Include website short links within your text messages to showcase father’s day top gift ideas and even links to discounted mobile vouchers. From a single text of less than 5p, your business could create a sale of hundreds of pounds and more!

So what are you waiting for?

Register for your Messenger 3.0 account right here and if you are an existing customer simply log in here. Begin your Father’s Day SMS campaign right here with Textlocal and send your ROI and customer satisfaction through the roof.

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