Las Vegas resorts embracing SMS marketing should inspire others in the hospitality sector

As some of the world’s largest casinos, hotels, and resorts in Las Vegas are ramping up their use of SMS marketing, we should see an increase in its use across the entire hospitality sector, according to experts.

Wearable technology and the Internet of Things have added to the market dominance of smartphones, meaning mobile devices are still the most efficient channel to reach gamers and other potential customers. However, independent marketing analyst Ian Hayes feels that text message marketing is still severely underutilised.

Hayes, speaking to, highlighted the need to reach a point where every casino experience and convenience is somehow capable of being facilitated through an app or SMS.

Offering holidaymakers a warmer embrace is crucial to successful SMS marketing, veteran marketer Mike Caineworth points out. People visit cities like Las Vegas to “gamble, eat, and soak up the endless entertainment”, so if a potential customer is willing to receive text messages, marketers have the opportunity to really make it worth their while.

“This is one occasion on which marketers can afford to be more aggressive because Las Vegas visitors or regulars want to be marketed to for their own enlightenment,” Caineworth said.

“If there’s a hot new game in town or a great buffet special, you’ll be hard pressed to find an SMS subscriber of yours that wouldn’t want to hear about any last-minute deals of opportunities you have to offer.”

Mobile-friendly services and SMS marketing was listed as the number one trend that will boost hotel marketing in 2015, notes.

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