Will your business be a winner or loser this bank holiday?

When it comes to bank holidays we think long weekends, relaxing and fun times with our loved ones. However, we rarely stop to think about the impact that bank holidays have on businesses.

For businesses that offer the services of their employees on an hourly or daily basis, the effects of a bank holiday are critical. As bank holiday Monday wipes 24 hours from the calendar of many businesses, the opportunity to win the corresponding revenue is also removed. On the flip side however, there are of course some winners during bank holiday weekends. These winners include pubs, restaurants, and bars… generally the overall food and drink industry as they take advantage of that extra day when workers will be out of the office and ready to spend some money.

Its common sense that restaurants, pubs and bars around the country are likely to experience high levels of trade during the forthcoming bank holiday weekend, the issue for food and drink businesses however is to drive those top spending customers into their business instead of their numerous competitors?

Time is money

Without a doubt, your target audience are a busy bunch, living hectic lifestyles and juggling day-to-day activities, professional lives, families and a social life, so you need to catch your audience QUICKLY! Reading promotional emails, answering business calls and reading postal letters will slip down the priority list. Therefore the best way to catch your customers is via a timely and strategic SMS message that they will not be able to ignore.

Making the most of what you’ve got

It’s true that a well-planned SMS marketing campaign can boost any business’s fortunes, however some products and services sell better than others which can often be dependent on season. Of course, if you’re offering high quality food and drink with a variety of choice, you’re already onto a winner, however when it comes to planning your message content, it’s crucial to think about what it is you want to offer. Your SMS content will be most effective when relevant to these vital elements.

Over and above the rest!

It’s no surprise that discounts increase sales, and more often than not, consumers will dig further into their pockets when they think they’re getting a bargain! And with spending at a high on bank holiday’s, now is the perfect opportunity to sweeten the deal by offering some particularly appealing incentives.

While many people can expect to have extra free time, consumers will be back to reality soon enough. Therefore, if your business is using SMS offer alerts or even better, branded mobile optimised vouchers, you must ensure that these are time-sensitive. Adding expiry dates will spur your customers to take advantage of their vouchers as soon as possible, avoiding the chance for customers to put the decision off before forgetting it altogether, meaning instant wins for your business!

In a matter of seconds and pennies, give your business that chance to be a WINNER this bank holiday! Click here for a free trial and receive your complimentary test credits. What are you waiting for?

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