The birth of Orange Wednesdays

When Orange released ‘Orange Wednesdays’ in 2003 we are almost certain they weren’t expecting the huge level of success that it accumulated to this day. Over the 12 years that the offer was running, the term ‘Orange Wednesdays’ has earned itself a legendary status, saving people money, playing host to endless first dates and giving people something to get them over the mid-week hump.

The offer was originally released to boost the worst day in film release week and gave Orange customers the chance to text the word ‘film’ to 241 in order to receive a code in response. Once this code was presented to the cinema of their choice they would be able to get one cinema ticket for free. Later in the promotion, it also allowed customers to receive 2for1 on mains and dough balls at Pizza Express. The promotion took off tremendously with Orange claiming that they were responsible for an extra 3million cinema trips each year.

How it worked

‘Orange Wednesdays’ used an SMS marketing service similar to one that we offer called ‘Mobile Ticketing’. The way this works is that when a customer texts the given number with the right code it sends a request. From here the service will both distribute the codes that you have created or will create one for you, and send it back to the customer via an SMS message. The SMS message that they receive will include their code, this is then shown to the Box Office and the discount is applied. Textlocal’s mobile ticketing service also includes a link to a webpage that will allow your customers to download a Passbook ticket to store in their phone.

Why it was so successful

Orange had a great marketing campaign when it came to their ‘Orange Wednesdays’, with regular TV adverts featuring comedic sketches they were hard to forget! They also included a whole host of celebrities throughout their marketing campaign with appearances from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Brennan Brown and James Buckley.

As ‘Orange Wednesdays’ primarily used SMS marketing it allowed customers to receive their code by sending one simple text message. The success of the campaign is undoubtedly thanks to the fast, easy and reliable service that they provided customers with, not to mention the fact they were giving something back to their loyal clients with this little ‘thank you’. This was combined with their carefully chosen partnerships. Orange partnered up with all major cinema firms, giving the campaign an air of trust. The partners all kept up their agreement with Orange, accepting the discount codes on a regular basis with no refusals (given the codes were valid).

Can I have a successful campaign like this?

There is no reason why you cannot have a successful SMS marketing campaign such as ‘Orange Wednesdays’. Once you have decided on your plan of action and have established what it is you would like to offer your customers you can easily create an SMS campaign with us at Textlocal. You can view all of our SMS services on our website or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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