Bulk SMS Services for Business

SMS is an extremely effective marketing tool

SMS has evolved into a key platform for businesses, allowing them to better engage their existing customers, while effortlessly reaching new ones. Advances in mobile technology, along with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, ensure that SMS marketing is going from strength to strength.

The speed with which consumers react to and absorb the information provided via SMS is particularly stark, especially when compared to other mediums, like email. This is borne out statistically; we’ve referenced studies before that show SMS open rates to be close to 99%, which compares especially favourably with email open rates, which fall at around 17.1%.

What is a bulk SMS messaging service?

A bulk SMS messaging service is exactly what it sounds like; a service which allows the sending of multiple text messages to groups of recipients. The service we offer here at Textlocal is able to cater to exceptionally large numbers of messages and recipients, at exceptionally competitive prices. This makes it ideal for use by businesses, across the full range of sizes and industries.

Take our bulk SMS messaging service for a test drive with 10 free texts:

Still not convinced? Let us explain exactly how our bulk SMS messaging service can help your business.

Why should businesses use our bulk SMS messaging service?

At Textlocal, the effectiveness of bulk SMS marketing is most clearly demonstrated through hard statistics:

  • SMS boasts a 97.5% open rate (Ofcom)
  • Rapid Speed – customers can be reached in just 5 seconds
  • Text messages cost as little as 2.4p each to send

Textlocal Messenger allows businesses to:

  • Reach multiple people at once during time sensitive periods, using the medium which has been proven to be the most effective.
  • Easily curate and manage multiple lists of recipients; for both internal and external messages.
  • Schedule messages, allowing campaigns to be reliably planned far in advance.

Ultimately, we have helped over 100,000 businesses, across all industries and of all sizes, send up to forty million messages every month. So, when we say that bulk SMS marketing works, you know that we are talking from experience! Our range of case studies show the success we’ve helped businesses achieve, across a wide range of sectors.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the different aspects of our bulk SMS service in greater detail, to further emphasise its effectiveness; and demonstrate further how your business could benefit from our expertise.

Adding contacts is easy

As part of our aim to make our service as easy to use and accessible as possible, we’ve made it as easy as possible to upload contacts.

The easiest approach for internal messaging is to enter the data into Textlocal Messenger manually, but larger client focussed campaigns may be more easily catered for through the use of .csv files. By adding client data to specific .csv files, you can quickly amass a variety of distribution lists; allowing you to target different groups with specific messages.

Another easy way to populate your contact lists is through the short-code SMS responses; those who wish to opt-in to your distribution list reply to your message with a short-code response (i.e. “JOIN”), and they’ll be automatically added.

Manage campaigns quickly and effectively

One of the biggest strengths of our bulk SMS service is that you’re able to send large numbers of messages in an exceptionally short period of time. In this way, your reach is not only increased by utilising the mobile phones of clients, but the time and effort required to plan and implement your marketing campaigns can also be drastically reduced.

Textlocal messenger sends bulk SMS or MMS messages, to the contacts that you feel would benefit from them most, either instantly; or at a later scheduled date. It’s possibly to schedule multiple campaigns at once; a quarter’s worth of targeted, high quality marketing campaigns can be designed and scheduled for delivery in an exceptionally short period of time; dramatically increasing productivity.

Textlocal’s Price Match Promise

We will match or improve on any price offered by other bulk SMS services; at Textlocal, we offer superb value as well as unbeatable features.

We work extremely hard to keep our bulk SMS as feature rich, reliable and secure as possible, all while maintaining our competitive price point. Our web software is 100% free, forever; the only cost you will incur is the purchase of top-up SMS text messages, as and when you need them.

We only use quality direct connections to mobile networks, guaranteeing our customers the highest level of reliability. Our messages also have no expiry date; simply utilise them when required. There are no hidden charges, no contracts and no strings attached.

Message Bundle Per bundle Per message
100 Messages £4.90 4.9p
200 Messages £9.80 4.9p
500 Messages £24.50 4.9p
1000 Messages £49.00 4.9p
2000 Messages £98.00 4.9p
5000 Messages £245.00 4.9p
10000 Messages £450.00 4.5p
25000 Messages £1,050.00 4.2p
Larger bundles:
Prices from 2.4p per message Contact us for a quote

Prices correct at time of publishing. See our pricing page for up to date information.

So what does this mean?

Textlocal Messenger gives you the power to communicate with customers in seconds, for pennies, via text. Send promotions, booking confirmations, reminders or news extremely quickly, safe in the knowledge that they’re targeted at the most receptive recipients.

Let Textocal help your business to succeed

Many businesses have already discovered that bulk SMS messaging provides an easy means to effectively communicate with groups of contacts of any size. Whether sending internal messages to small groups of colleagues, or distributing marketing messages to large groups of clients, bulk SMS provides all the key functionality that businesses need, at the touch of a button.

The ease of use and wide ranging utility of bulk SMS messaging cannot be understated; at Textlocal, our systems can ably support a business of any size, in any sector. As well as working out cheaper than sending postal messages, bulk SMS has also been proven to be more effective than emails; our Messenger service can send over 8000 messages per second, ensuring that it is able to handle even the largest of bulk SMS campaigns.

Our bulk text messaging service is the one stop solution for a given business’ SMS marketing needs, regardless of the sector in which they operate. Whether you are sending sales promotions for your retail store, or promoting upcoming events for a sports and leisure venue, bulk SMS can work for you.

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Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.