Average Brit spends two days a week on their phone

Mobile phones have become essential for Brits, with the average person spending two working days a week on their device.

Text messages are still playing a part in this, taking up three hours of users’ time per week, notes dailymail.co.uk. The results, from comparethemarket.com, show how SMS marketing can help a business stand out to phone users against the cacophony of apps and mobile advertising.

The survey, which explored the mobile phone habits of Brits, found that more than 25 per cent of Brits check their mobile devices 50 times over the course of a day. It’s thought that all of these segments add up to account for two hours 13 minutes every day.

For nearly a third of users the mobile phone is the last thing they see at night, with 29 per cent checking their mobiles before going to sleep. 18 per cent pick up their mobiles to check for texts, notifications and messages as soon as they wake up and 14 per cent will look at their phone if they wake up in the night.

The survey demonstrated just how much the UK population are reliant on their mobile phones, with a quarter of people claiming they would rather give up sweets than go without their device. Furthermore one in ten would forgo lie-ins or give up sex.

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