Competing in the international gaming and gambling playing field

Competing in the international gaming and gambling playing field

2015 is the year when mobile gaming and gambling is to become the most lucrative area of the sector, seeing organic and cannibalistic growth of 42% according to Newzoo’s recent report.

With increasing industry consolidation demonstrated by William Hills planned acquisition of 888 Holdings and the ever encroaching international entrants into the UK market, the question many gaming and gambling businesses are asking is just how can they better compete, acquire and retain a profitable customer base and keep their buyer community sticky in such a competitive global playing field?

Blending Omni-Channel strategy with mobile messaging

To meet the growing challenges of customer acquisition, retention, engagement, increasing revenue per customer and adding more value to their products, more and more gaming and gambling companies are rolling out integrated Omni-Channel marketing strategies combining retail self-serve kiosks and promotions, Mobile Apps, PPC, SEO, email and SMS.

Ladbrokes’ recent deal with Best Gaming Technology (BGT) to supply 2,000 additional self-service betting terminals (SSBT) across its global estate is a testament to the growth and industry confidence in blending traditional outlets, mobile and web channels.

With already 1,730 SSBTs in the UK, Ladbrokes is the biggest provider and investor in software to unite traditional in-store betting terminals, tablets and mobile devices whilst giving itself the opportunity to data capture and build its mobile audience to new levels of engagement and ROI.

But all too often for many gaming and gambling companies, the well intended Omni-Channel plan is at risk of becoming a number of marketing tactics working in silos and not delivering the expected return on investment (ROI).

With widespread 4G availability and massive adoption of the smart phone, this year gives enormous opportunities to apply holistic mobile messaging integration to unite all aspects of the marketing mix from text, game App notifications, mobile web pages, WhatsApp and social media – all delivered through the same device.

Mobile is changing how your customers and players want to communicate with you, browse the internet and purchase

Today 80% of internet users own a smart phone. 90% never go anywhere without their mobile and on average check their mobiles 120 times a day (and every 6 seconds in the evening)! In fact, on average text marketing gets 8 times the response of email.

With 80% of Opt-In consumers welcoming promotional SMS and offering a read rate and delivery of pretty much 100%, text messaging holds the key to unite all these communication platforms together, drive traffic to websites, new game Apps and incorporate unique mobile voucher tickets, customer surveys, online promotions and more.

Mobile messaging is no longer just about instant sales generation but is also concerned with long term revenue stream, driven by your own engaged and valued mobile customer community.

Despite the success of mobile messaging, most businesses still have not gone beyond simple App creation and SMS reminders and alerts text messages and are not tapping into the opportunities presented by new mobile messaging platforms and smart phone technological progression.

With advanced features now being incorporated into mobile messaging platforms such as Messenger, ranging from ready built mobile web pages, surveys, mobile vouchers and tickets, mobile loyalty cards and redemption and email to SMS, mobile communications for integrated sales generation across all platforms has never been so powerful.

Creating your own customer engagement community

In today’s new world of fast communication and marketing information overload, it’s all about creating your very own audience community and making people “sticky” to it.

This is where mobile messaging wins hands down in its ability not only to be the most effective way to reach people but also enable you to get up close and personal (providing you do not spam and only every message something of value!!) and integrate your message into all types of sales channels.

Here are the top 5 considerations when looking for ways to expand, integrate and build mobile messaging into your Omni-Channel marketing plan and create your very own loyal buyer community:

What promotions, incentives and value do your target customers really want? Remember it’s about what gives them value and meets their needs.

Do you have the ability to not only distribute SMS messages quickly and easily to drive sales in when you need to but how quick can you build a mobile page to support your quick win campaigns?

Can you expand your SMS Opt-In data through mobile App notifications, VIP text clubs, online advertising and website promotions?

How could mobile bonus vouchers, free bets and free trials of new games help maximise your Omni-channel efforts and increase retention and cross-sell opportunities?

What will be your campaign tracking method and how will your data and responses be fed into your existing CRM and retention software to facilitate and grow customer buying profiles?

The beauty of today’s mobile messaging is its pure simplicity, speed and potential to link all forms of mobile apps and websites together away from the competitive and costly online and offline marketing activities that all too often work in isolation.

Low cost and quick and easy to implement, mobile messaging provides UK gaming and gambling companies with a level playing field against even the biggest and most aggressive of international businesses.

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