SMS used to run an exclusive ecommerce business

An American ecommerce business is exclusively using SMS to trade, in a bid to make its products more exclusive and desirable.

The business, which is called Stefan, only sells its limited edition products to approved consumers over SMS. To sign up, the shopper has to send a text message, Stefan then texts back and asks for a first name and social handle, so the prospective shopper can be vetted. If the business likes what it sees, the customer is added to the exclusive list.

Every couple of weeks those on the list are sent an image of a new product, a link to it, and how many are available. Once the customer has ordered with them, Stefan remembers what size they are.

Stefan shows how businesses can use SMS to create a service that feels a lot more exclusive and intimate than just a plain ecommerce site. Services similar to this, like the UK’s FetchMe, are on the rise, which could indicate that SMS is starting to move in a whole new direction.

Sathish Naadimuthu, the businesses’ head co-founder, explained to that Stefan is a real person, not a robot.

“All we can say is that he’s a prominent artist who wanted to be part of something fresh,” he stated. “It just so happened that he was into streetwear and fashion as much as we are.”

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