Bizarre new tech allows you to send texts by stroking your hair

Anyone with long hair can discreetly send messages simply by stroking it, thanks to a new technology called Hairware.

Far from being a spoof or PR stunt, the tech could actually work as a security device for women, allowing the user to send an emergency text message secretly when they feel threatened. Since all the wearer would have to do is stroke their hair, the person they are with and frightened of would have no idea they’re sending a message, reports

The high tech hair extensions connect with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and can be used to broadcast the person’s location or prompt their phone to record a conversation. They blend in with the person’s natural hair colour, so the extensions remain hidden.

Security isn’t the only benefit of this device, though. Different actions can control the smartphone in different ways. For example, the user could open an app by running their fingers through their hair; doing it again might open a different app. The extensions can also detect whether they’re being touched at the bottom or the top, reports

Ms Vega states that it may be possible to develop a similar technology for beards.

“I still need to figure out the design,” she explained. “It could involve connecting a conductive beard to a clip hidden on the back of a shirt collar. Our next step is to understand male behaviour and how they relate to their beards.”

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