UK texters can now buy almost anything using SMS

A new service has launched which allows mobile phone users in the UK to order almost any kind of legally purchasable product or service simply by sending a text message.

FetchMe works by providing consumers with a standard mobile number, to which they can send requests for specific items or services.

It’s possible, for example, to compose a message containing the text ‘Can you send me two burgers and two lemonades please?’ The service will then respond with an estimated delivery time and price before asking for the user’s approval. Once this is given, confirmation is provided and the order is placed.

According to, the service can be used to order “everything from a burrito to a new watch.” The line is drawn at illegal products, however.

The London-based company’s founder, Rowan Hand, was quoted by as saying: “FetchMe is for people who have a need and want to solve it by sending a text. That’s holiday, food, a massage, or even a cleaner if it’s one of those Sunday mornings when you can’t be bothered.

“Of course we’ve had orders for prostitutes and drugs, but the majority have been legal. No wild animals so far.”

At present, the FetchMe service is only available in Birmingham, Manchester and Greater London, although nationwide expansion plans are in place.

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