New battery means smartphones could be charged in one minute

A new, powerful aluminium battery could ensure that no one ends up with a drained smartphone again, as it can be charged in just one minute.

Created by scientists at Stanford University, the battery is also able to withstand more charges than its standard lithium-ion counterparts. Normal batteries can only be charged around 1,000 times, whereas the new one can take up to 7,500 recharges, reports Although the aluminium battery produces half the voltage of a standard one, the scientists believe this will change over the next few years.

Quicker charging times means owners will no longer have to go without their smartphone again. This could be good news for mobile marketers, as they can be fairly confident the person they’re contacting will read their message almost instantly, rather than sending an SMS to a dead phone.

Hongjie Dai, a professor of chemistry at Stanford, explained that the new battery is much better for the environment than alkaline batteries.

“Our battery has everything else you’d dream that a battery should have: inexpensive electrodes, good safety, high-speed charging, flexibility and long cycle life,” he said. “I see this as a new battery in its early days. It’s quite exciting.

“Millions of consumers use 1.5-volt AA and AAA batteries. Our rechargeable aluminium battery generates about two volts of electricity. That’s higher than anyone has achieved with aluminium.”

Once the output of this new battery matches what can be achieved by traditional ones, it can begin to make its way to the consumer market, reports

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