Text messages becoming invaluable during recruitment

Drawn-out email exchanges, missed calls and unheard answer phone messages could become a thing of the past in the recruitment sector, as the use of text messages during the hiring process is on the rise.

A recent US study by web.jobvite.com found that, of the 2,084 adults surveyed, more than half (51 per cent) of those actively seeking a new job are currently employed. Therefore, as the applicant is at work during business hours, this leads to lots of recruiters’ time being wasted failing to make contact via phone and email.

However, 43 per cent of the surveyed job seekers use their mobile devices to engage in job-seeking activity, whilst almost a fifth (17 per cent) of full-time workers said that they use their mobiles to communicate regarding jobs when at the office. This highlights the major opportunity for recruitment firms to adopt text messaging for applicant communication.

With more adults using mobiles during their job search, adding text messaging to a service is the “next logical step” for recruitment firms, according to entrepreneur.com.

The most important reasons to implement text messaging into the hiring process included the fact that nearly all adults have a mobile phone, the number of connected devices is expected to grow, and safe, secure text messaging platforms are readily available.

A separate January report from Software Advice found that 43 per cent of job hunters younger than 45 considered recruitment firms who used text messaging to be the most “professional”.

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