Generation of big-spending dental patients expect text message reminders

As the amount of money Brits are spending on private dental treatment rises, so too is the demand for dentists to send patients text message reminders, according to finance provider LDF.

Total spend on dental treatment is up 22 per cent since 2010 – with the top-earning private dentists in the UK turning over a collective of roughly £1 billion in 2014. But according to LDF analysis, the younger generation of patients who are more comfortable paying for dental work expect more bang for their buck, such as enhanced services including text message reminders and online bookings, reports.

“The biggest dental groups are able to invest very heavily in their practices’ equipment, furnishings and IT systems, and that has raised the stakes in the profession markedly,” said LDF managing director Peter Alderson.

“If dentists want to make the most of the demand for cosmetic dentistry, they need the type of apparatus and environment that brings in clients,” he added.

Cosmetic dentistry is the biggest factor in the spending increase, with more Brits willing to shell out for laser whitening, computerised smile analysis and straightening, notes.

LDF states that many large private equity-backed dental groups have grown significantly, benefiting from significant investment in enhanced customer services and equipment.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the NHS could save a whopping £162 million a year – enough for 7,043 nurses’ or 2,347 GPs’ annual salaries – if missed appointments were prevented due to text message reminders.

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