How recruiters are using Textlocal’s Messenger to find the best candidates for the job

Recruitment agencies have realised the importance of SMS alerts for filling job vacancies. Even more so, job hunters are now well accustomed to receiving text messages with details of vacancies matching their criteria. A simple phone call or text back to the recruiter could then have an interview lined up for the following day!

We believe mobile messaging and the massive smart phone adoption is the simplest and most effective communication tool, outclassing email, letters and phone calls by miles.

When your goal isn’t to sell, but to communicate directly and effectively with people who are on the go, SMS encompasses everything you need as a recruiter to make this happen.

We’ve all been there on the run up to a job interview and post interview; contact between recruiter and candidate are frequent to say the least during this time and quite often dialogue occurs only between voicemails and delayed emails.

This is where some smart use of SMS comes in. What you normally send via email should be sent as SMS; send important documents via a link in a text message and be confident that they’ll be received, opened and read within minutes. A short code and keyword can build a quality list of opt-in data to target for future vacancies with automated alerts. That way any interested candidates come straight to you!

It’s not just about what you send from your Messenger account, it’s how you run your account. We’ve created features that will benefit recruitment agencies massively, large or small, helping you work smarter.

From something as simple as creating sub users of your account for other members of the team or for other offices in your region, it all works towards simplifying your job. We’ve also recently introduced auto top ups for your SMS credits, eliminating manual purchases so you can be sure you’ve always got enough text credits for your sends. One less thing to worry about!

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