Irrelevant information putting consumers off marketing messages

Brands and companies must ensure their SMS campaigns are relevant to continue appealing to their contacts, new research from the Aimia Institute reveals.

Around 59 per cent of consumers have blocked numbers in order to avoid spammy text messages and annoying cold calls. Only one in five (20 per cent) said the marketing messages they receive are useful to them, reports The three sectors worst at sending their customers relevant information are: food and drink (11 per cent), technology (12 per cent) and banking (13 per cent), notes.

The research shows the importance of producing relevant, engaging and eye-catching SMS messages, as spammy unhelpful messages are only going to be ignored.

The Aimia Institute labelled this group of individuals the ‘deletist consumer’. Marketers should take heart, though, that even the most ardent of deletist consumers can be turned around, provided the messages they’re sent are relevant. To this end, businesses have been urged to work hard to make their campaigns effective, not rely on dodgy ‘batch and blast’ techniques.

Martin Hayward, senior vice president global digital strategy and futures at Aimia, said contacting customers is a right that “brands must earn”.

“They must show relevance by using data to personalise and tailor communications, and they need to select the most appropriate channel for delivery,” he stated. “Get these ingredients right and customer communications can be a powerful tool to build deep and long lasting relationships. Get it wrong though, and brands will find themselves cut off.”

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