mBriefs…. a shortcode to survey success!

Have you ever wondered how to make use of a shortcode or a survey to benefit your business? We caught up with valued client mBriefs to find out more about how they’ve made these Textlocal services work for them – with great results!

mBriefs provide innovative applications on mobiles, sending links to nano-learning exercises (NLE’s) via text message in order to train and measure understanding in a range of topics as part of staff training. They are currently supplying NLE’s to a famous local hotel and restaurant complex, amongst other major businesses and charities.

On the lookout for a reliable method to ensure that their customers have access to each Nano-Learning Exercise (NLE), mBriefs decided to make use of Textlocal’s expanding range of services to meet this need.

mBriefs now use a short code that is advertised within the hotel to encourage staff members to opt-in by texting a personalised short code to 60777. Staff members then receive a text message containing the links to the NLE’s. mBriefs also use the survey tool to create the nano-learning exercise. The survey responses provide the hotel with insight to improve business practices.

And what about the results?

Text messages containing links has allowed mBriefs to give the hotel staff reliable and direct access to their NLE’s ‘on the go’.

Thanks to the short code solution that Textlocal offer, of the current 170 hotel staff members, 65 opted-in to the concept immediately. These members of staff have received nearly 20 NLE’s covering a range of hotel specific topics.

The hotel management believe that the nano-learning approach is particularly cost-effective in organisations with high staff turnover.

mBriefs are happy with the service and support they receive from Textlocal and continue to investigate options available to them to maximise results. With Textlocal you are never alone in seeking ways to maximise your results – for more information on how to use business SMS for education needs, get in touch with the team today!


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