Millenial mothers spend more time on mobiles than watching TV

Young mothers aged 18-34, also known as millennial mums, spend more time looking at their mobile devices than they do watching TV or surfing the internet, a new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and BabyCenter has revealed.

The report looked at mothers from five different countries: the UK, US, Canada, China and Brazil. In all countries, smartphone ownership has risen significantly over the past couple of years. Around 93 per cent of young British mums now own a smartphone, whereas this was true of just 73 per cent in 2012, reports

Anna Bager, IAB senior vice president of mobile and video, said that it’s important for marketers to pay attention to this new research.

“Moms have traditionally been a primary target for a multitude of marketers, and now it’s clear that the primary way to reach them is through mobile,” she stated.

“We are seeing smartphones as central to moms’ media experiences around the world. And, with millennial making up the majority of new moms, brands and agencies need to think of this valuable demographic as tech-savvy and mobile-first if they want to earn their interest and loyalty.”

The researchers also found that mothers from different countries respond better to certain images in digital advertising campaigns. For example, more than three quarters of mothers from the US said a picture of a family together would stand out to them, whereas less than half of Chinese mothers agreed, reports

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