7 reasons to show mobile marketing some love this valentine’s day

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On average 190 million cards are exchanged annually on Valentine’s Day and annual global spend is in excess of $13 billion. This underlines the opportunity that exists on this day in the business world.
There are a number of key business areas that benefit from this spending and we want to ensure you maximize your chance of getting noticed. Lingerie stores can help increase customer footfall or web based sales, jewelers can benefit from the increased interest in romantic gifts and florists can benefit from local customers. Hotels and restaurants can streamline promotions and maximize reservations from the estimated 37 million dates taking place in the UK.

Wherever you are, many celebrate Valentine’s Day. Riddled with generosity, caring and companionship, it is the perfect opportunity to boost sales in the first quarter of the year. Here are 7 reasons we think mobile marketing fits perfectly into your marketing strategy…

Find the perfect partner this year

Mobile marketing doesn’t have to be part of a standalone strategy, it can be used to boost, enhance and support existing marketing channels. Integrate mobile marketing with promotions and prompt people to sign up to your mailing list. Drive people to your social media sites or advertise time specific deals and promotions in store.

  • Try using mobile marketing to offer a special Valentine’s day promotional code and drive visitors to your website.

Make him/her feel special this time of year…

Mobile marketing doesn’t have to look like sales, promotional, or unwanted communication. By keeping your data clean and using personalisation you can ensure each message is delivered personalised to the user.

  • Use buyer behaviour to segment your data and offer relevant promotions. New customers may want different communication from past customers and potential interested parties.

Remember those last minute thoughtful gifts

Have you left it too late again? Not a problem! Mobile marketing is one of the quickest routes to market. If you have a special promotion to share consider text messaging. Mobile has an excellent open rate and is poised perfectly for a quick delivery, like a flash sale.

  • Raise awareness of an in store sale or promotion and increase footfall with a text message reminder.

Is he/she a keeper? How about a second date?

Mobile marketing certainly is! If you are looking for customer loyalty and growing your database mobile marketing is the perfect platform to launch a loyalty campaign. Increase the value of your return customers by reminding them of some key promotions and discounts and also offering incentives. You can also carry out surveys, questionnaires and customer response tools to help.

  • Benefit from repeat customers after people have visited and you’ve captured their data. Drop them a text to say thanks for the visit, next time you stop by, receive a discount.

A night at the theatre? Don’t forget your tickets!

Try mobile ticketing, a method of sending tickets and passes to your customers via mobile. Rarely people leave the house without their smart device so it is the perfect opportunity to offer them mobile ticketing and reduce the use of paper and lost tickets.

Is it a cheap date?

Mobile is one of the cheapest methods of bulk SMS marketing. You can send texts from as little as 2.4p per text. Expect a higher open rate – much higher than other more expensive channels. You can also use email to SMS gateway and our trust API to deliver these in an efficient way.

  • Receive a full delivery report on your campaign to ensure your messages are getting through.

What if it’s a no show?

Rest assured, mobile marketing can ensure your customers remember the time and place you want them to. Mobile marketing has already helped cut the cost of missed appointments and there are ways you can use this for your business to. If you run a hospitality establishment, try using mobile marketing to remind people of their table booking. This will help save on potential lost revenue.

  • Ensure customers remember their booking or appointment with a text reminder

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