Florists – Are you using text messaging to get to the heart of your customers?

Valentine’s is a well-loved tradition that has spanned many, many years and created lots of wonderful memories.

Valentine’s, as we know, is also a fruitful date in the calendar for florists, as bouquets and arrangements are sent as gifts.

Make the most of this time by getting to the heart of your customers. By using text messaging you can reach your customers at a time convenient to them and profitable for you.

To give you an example; take the mobile telephone number of your customer when you take their order – you now have a method of contacting them for every Valentine’s day in the future as a prompt to purchase. If you add to this, some key info such as their wedding anniversary or the birthday of a spouse, you suddenly have multiple reasons to contact your customer throughout the year – engaging in conversation and sending them exclusive offers.

We know that customers like to receive text messages – they’re convenient and useful. Not only can you send reminders, you can also treat your customers to loyalty cards and vouchers, send PDF attachments of your prettiest bouquets and arrangements or capture info about your customers and their florist needs via a mobile survey.

We offer a PAYG service and you won’t be tied into any contracts or monthly fees. Our product speaks for itself and we like to make sure our customers are happy with what we offer – we’re always on the end of the phone to help you with that next mobile campaign.

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