Young people spend as much time texting as watching TV

Young people still spend a significant amount of time on their mobile phones texting, Ofcom’s Digital Day research, conducted by Kantar, has found.

Brits aged between 16 and 24 years old spend just as much time texting as they do watching TV programmes or films. Young people use their mobile phones at all times of the day too, with a third stating they’re still interacting with them when it reaches midnight, reports

It seems that the younger the person, the more time they spend texting. Whilst adults spend 16 per cent of their media time sending SMS messages, the pastime only takes up seven per cent of over 65s media time. However, older Brits do prefer to text rather than use instant messaging services, as only one per cent of their time is spent doing so, reports

Young people have the most time to spend on media activities, having more than 14 hours a day to spare, whereas adults only have 11. Adults aged over 65 have even less time to spare, consuming just over nine hours of media a day.

Previous research from Ofcom shows that young people are also far more likely than older adults to own a mobile phone or smartphone. All of the young adults surveyed said they had a mobile and 88 per cent reported owning a smartphone. In comparison, the UK average for smartphone ownership stands at 65 per cent. Although the majority of over 65s own a mobile, just 19 per cent said they have a smartphone.

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