What can you do with 5p?

Read our helpful infographic on 5p Mobile Marketing!

One text message can achieve a great deal, especially when it comes to mobile marketing for businesses. As a society, we’re so used to using text messages as throw-away tools for private messaging with friends and family, that their utility is underestimated from a business standpoint.

The very advantages that make text messaging such a ubiquitous part of modern communication are what make them so well suited to business marketing; they allow for instant communication, you can easily communicate to a customer’s email or phone, and you can easily capture and collate data en-masse.

The advantage of our service is that your business can get all of the advantages of mail marketing, at a fantastic, more than reasonable cost.

This infographic gives you the low-down on what mobile marketing, costing just 5p, can do for you! From opt-in to opt-out and merge-data to tracking links, we’ve got it all covered.

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