Our most enjoyed mobile marketing content

When we’re not busy making our mobile marketing service as technically brilliant and effective as possible for our customers, we’re making sure that prospective, new, and existing customers are kept as well informed as possible about mobile marketing. We’re experts in our industry, and we see it as part of our job to inform interested parties about all of the most recent advances and techniques in mobile marketing.

Looking back from the end of this year, we’ve selected some of our favourite pieces of mobile marketing content that have been previously published on our site, and collected them below. Some of the content provides up to date tips on mobile marketing best practice, while others provide a more general overview of the mobile marketing industry in general.

A-Z of Mobile Marketing Industry Jargon & Terminology

This is the mother-lode when it comes to mobile marketing information and knowledge; this article is a frequently updated glossary of all the jargon and terminology to do with the mobile marketing industry. For those who want to know the difference between NFC and QR codes, or understand exactly what a ‘Grey route’ is, and why their usage should generally be avoided; this is both the perfect starting point, and future reference point, for any foray into the world of mobile marketing.

Downloadable Marketing Guides

This page offers a great way to get a more in depth look into mobile marketing, and the ways in which it can complement and enhance your business. When combined with the article detailed above and the Mobile SMS FAQ described below, this article forms a comprehensive primer to the world of mobile marketing. Here, you’ll find a wide array of mobile marketing white papers, guides and larger documents, all with the purpose of informing you about as many aspects of mobile marketing as possible. As with the A-Z of mobile marketing page, this list of guides and resources is frequently updated, so any new information, techniques or data can quickly be disseminated to those who would benefit from them most.

Textlocal FAQ

The final of the three articles that can be considered to constitute our comprehensive introduction to mobile marketing, this FAQ, as with the two previous articles also constitutes an essential reference guide; somewhere in these three pages will be the answer to most questions, or the cerebral filling to most of the knowledge gaps that a mobile marketing user may have. Covering 12 specific areas in a comprehensive level of detail; from general technology and service questions, to queries specific to SMS attachments, or our proprietary developer interface, this FAQ is a crucial resource!

Top tips on using bulk SMS marketing effectively

For such a quick and easy to use marketing method, bulk SMS marketing does have a surprising number of potential pitfalls. In some cases, a mistake will merely cost you conversions, but in others the fallout could be more severe; your business could anger and in doing so disenfranchise a large percentage of your client base; not the ideal reaction to receive from a technique that was supposed to have the opposite effect! Broken down into easy to digest sections, this article will teach you the most effective ways to utilise bulk SMS messaging, from the content of the message itself, and the targeting of said message, all the way to issues pertaining to privacy and legality. In other words, this article is essential reading for those looking to dip their toes into the world of bulk SMS marketing!

Why use mobile messaging

The articles above have covered the knowledge and techniques necessary to understand and best use mobile marketing; this article explains why you should use mobile messaging. The strength of this article (and one of the central reasons for its placement on this list) is in the way that its presentation meshes so well with the content; the reasons to use mobile marketing are so clear that they are best illustrated in a stark and easy to understand manner. Indeed, the statistics essentially speak for themselves; it’s hard to argue with a marketing delivery method which gets read within 5 seconds of receipt, 97.5% of the time! For those who are not yet sold on the idea of mobile marketing, this is the article to read.

Why are brand tracking studies so useful for companies?

An article that certainly covers a more niche area than the other articles on this list, but in many ways that is what makes this particular article so important. Many businesses have gotten bogged down with a static idea of what mobile marketing should be used for; with many solely using it to disseminate information to consumers; crucially forgetting that it can, and should, be used to gather information as well. Which is where this article comes in, explaining how easy, and extremely useful, it is to source information directly from consumers, using mobile marketing.

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