Text messages could reduce evictions

Landlords could use text messages to efficiently notify residents of rent arrears and so reduce evictions, it has been claimed.

The advice, from Home Group and featured on theguardian.com, follows news this week that the number of evictions has hit a record high.

In a bid to reduce the strain both on courts, landlords and families, these new suggestions include using the medium of text and email “whenever possible” to quickly let residents know when their accounts are in arrears.

Previously, landlords have been seen to wait six or seven weeks before acting – which only increases the debt. Mainly aimed at housing providers, other suggestions include ensuring support staff fully understand the benefits system and are on top of changes, and providing staff with the required tools. It also highlights the crucial nature of communication between residents and housing providers.

More than 100 evictions take place each day and the total for 2014 is likely to exceed the 37,000 that took place last year. Currently, under-resourced courts are floundering beneath the number of possession claims being put forward, notes propertywire.com. This is leading to costly delays for landlords.

By inputting simple measures, housing providers can help residents keep on top of their finances. This will ensure eviction rates for rent arrears are kept down, avoiding court costs and benefitting cash flow for the companies.

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