New mobile battery can be fully charged in 30 seconds

It could soon be possible to fully charge a mobile phone in seconds, thanks to an Israeli tech firm.

StoreDot, which is backed by Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, is developing a battery which could deliver a day’s power after being plugged in for just 30 seconds.

The innovation uses “nanodot” technology and could be available for mobile phone users as soon as 2016. Uses like texting, web browsing and listening to music all drain a mobile’s battery, but the nanodots alter the way a battery behaves, giving more effective absorption and power retention.

The nanodots are described by the company as bio-organic peptide molecules. Chief executive of StoreDot Doran Myersdorf told “These are new materials; they have never been developed before.”

The product still needs some work as it is currently too bulky to fit in a mobile phone, but ultimately the battery could give any phone around three years of battery life, allowing it to be recharged up to 1,500 times.

“We live in a power hungry world … people are constantly chasing a power outlet” says tech analyst Zack Weisfeld.

He adds: “StoreDot has the potential to solve this real big problem. They still have some way to go, to deal with size of battery and power cycle rounds, but if solvable, it’s a very big breakthrough”, notes

It is thought the battery could raise the cost of a handset though, making it between £65-£95 more than regular models.

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