Campaign aims to tackle London ‘not-spots’

London MP is urging mobile users to highlight areas of the city
where phone reception is typically poor, with an aim of lobbying for
better signal across the capital.

The No Bars campaign invites Londoners to contribute to an
interactive map by showing the areas where they struggle to make calls and
send text messages.

Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, who is leading the drive, was
quoted by as saying: “A first class
global city should not have to put up with third rate communications. To lead
the world, we must be able to speak to the world – whichever part of town we
happen to be in.”

Dr Kamall added: “People find it infuriating when they rely
on their phones, but then find it difficult or impossible to make a simple call
or access emails or the internet. It is unacceptable that so much of the city
has a poor signal or no signal at all.”

map is the centrepiece of the No Bars campaign, and it’s hoped that it will
show a clear and complete picture of the service gaps so that improvements can
be made quickly.

collected, the crowd-sourced data will be used to pressure network providers
and politicians into resolving the current problems, notes

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