Interactive map reveals UK mobile signal coverage

An interactive map which reveals mobile phone coverage across the UK has been created, enabling consumers to see which networks offer best coverage for their area.

Displayed as a heatmap, the tool shows a true reflection of 2G, 3G and 4G signal available to users, and features average speeds for cities, towns and individual post codes for Three, EE, Vodafone and O2, reports

The map has also revealed that the average speed is currently 14.7Mbps, with the strongest signals being found in large cities including London. Weaker signals with slower speeds can be seen in rural areas of Northern England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Users of EE are benefiting from the best 4G coverage, with the network covering 75 per cent of the UK population in over 300 towns and cities. It comes after a huge drive by the company to provide huge swathes of the population with 4G connectivity.

It’s thought that, by next year, all new contracts will be for 4G – with 3G only being used when speedier connections are not available. However, average speeds are yet to match those of other countries, such as Australia, which has an average of 24.5Mbps, or Brazil, Hong Kong and Italy, which have averages of 22Mbps.

The map, created with crowdsourced data from OpenSignal’s app, is now being offered as a tool by online retailer

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