App could enable businesses to get real-time view of what consumers are texting

A new android app could give businesses the ability to view what consumers are texting to them in real time, without requiring the message to be sent.

Beam Messenger, which is currently free to use, edges text messaging closer to the way people talk to each other in person. It allows texters to view what the other person is writing in real time, making it possible to interject and comment without waiting for the other person to finish their message, reports.

For example, if a consumer was responding to a text from a company with a long-winded FAQ, a company could interject with the appropriate answer or link, saving both the consumer and their own staff plenty of wasted time.

Spelling mistakes won’t be an issue either, as the app has an error checking mechanism built in to ensure readability.

Alec Gordon, head of the Toronto-based developers behind Beam Messenger, said: “While you are texting inside a bubble, without breaking, you are allowed to backtrack and jump forward at will. Also you may delete the whole text altogether, gone from both devices in true real time fashion.”

Companies like Facebook are currently able to keep record of deleted statuses and comments by tracking changes in HTML code. Facebook can’t see what has exactly has been typed and deleted, but it can track when statuses are typed, how many are typed, and if the post was deleted or abandoned, reports.

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