Sending and receiving texts most common mobile phone uses

Brits mostly use their phones for sending and receiving texts, a new study from taxi app Hailo has revealed.

When mobile phones first came onto the market, their primary use was making phone calls. However, Hailo’s survey, which revealed the top ten most common uses for a mobile phone, now shows that making phone calls has slipped down to sixth place. In fact, reading emails, browsing the internet and using the alarm clock now all rank higher than making calls, placing third, fourth and fifth respectively, reports

One in four Brits even believe that they could get by without having the call function on their phone at all. Moreover, the average person uses their phone for one hour and 52 minutes over an entire day and only 20 minutes of that is spent making phone calls.

Although mobile phone use is changing, the devices are more popular than they’ve even been. New data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that 327.6 million smartphones were shipped globally in the third quarter of this year, a 25.2 per cent growth compared to figures from the same time last year, reports

Tom Barr, CEO of Hailo, said smartphone functions have improved significantly over the last ten years.

“With so many ways to keep in touch nowadays, people in the UK are using the functions that are convenient for them,” he stated. “As we get less and less time to ourselves, we need more convenience in our lives and less hassle. While calling can be more personal, it doesn’t always save you time.”

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